About AIBit

Smart MicroFactory of the Future, based on AI and Blockchain Technology

AIBit Company

AIBit focuses on helping businesses (B2B) and people (B2C, private learning) to wisely integrate Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to their business and life processes. The areas of our main interest for applying technology are B2B: Fintech, Real Estate, Engineering, Social Enterprises, and Governments.

We provide outstanding customer service, being transparent to our customers, making easy to do business with us, and allowing 24×7 full access to us. Our key resources include valuable assets: first people, then technology, products, and brands.

AIBit Ltd. is a Registered UK Company 08369482, offering the following Fintech services to customers from the UK and European countries: Banking, Venture and development capital, Financial intermediation. AIBit International Srl Branch is registered in Iasi, Romania.

Our actual products and services include:

Smart MicroFactory(TM)

A factory for all, where automation and self-optimization is crafted by human intelligence, artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain technology.

AIBit’s Team creates Smart Micro Factory friendly environments for the benefit of employees and shareholders as well. Smart Micro Factory environment is where machinery and equipment are improving processes through automation and self-optimization with the use of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology.

The structure of the Smart Micro Factory includes a combination of production, information and communication technologies, with the integration across the entire manufacturing supply chain, where all disparate parts of production can be connected via the ML, IoT and/or IC’s, which enable sensing, measurement, control, and communication of everything that’s happening throughout the manufacturing process.


An AIBit program that helps Companies gently transform Employees up to a certain level of Leaders at their workplace. It is a complex product that contains software programming, smart contracts, artificial intelligence and related hardware inclusion (DaLider card/app, video, drones).


Platform for Investors An investment platform created for forward thinkers and all investors who dare to own a real piece of real estate, that is entitling them to the advantages of real estate, including dividends, profit share and appreciation, without the responsibility of managing the property.

Future Development of AIBit Products:

1. SmartRENTTM for Tenants
Through this platform the Tenants get sustainable and big money saving locations (apartments, office and commercial spaces), guaranteed long-term deals and better secured smart contracts.
2. SmartLOANTM for Homebuyers
This platform offers the revolutionary loan to homebuyers; its distinct features are: no down payment, no credit scores, asset verification rather than income verification, a guaranteed buy-back program.
3. SmartJOINTM for Proprietors
Through this platform, SmartREIT Holding partners with property owners in targeted locations, so that our real estate development get better use and proprietors get double value of their lands, through secure smart contracts.