Artificial intelligence and blockchain

Smart MicroFactory of the Future, based on AI and Blockchain Technology

Artificial intelligence and blockchain

Natural & Artificial Intelligence (NAI). People’s future is mostly about Artificial Intelligence and about our Brains. Today much research is going in the direction of brain-machine interfaces; if we will solve problems with jobs, symbiosis of humans and machines seems to be very beneficial.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the creation of intelligent hardware or software being able to replicate “human” behaviors such as learning and problem solving. It allows machines to complete various tasks, from driving automobiles to providing virtual assistance, etc. Robots are already used in numerous industries and are projected to spread throughout the consumer market in the next years.

Blockchain Technology (BT) is a force which can be applied to many industries. We use Blockchain Technology infused with Artificial Intelligence as blockchain can help machines acquire data fast and accurate. But, already working in the field, we are aware about the risks involved, so we take very seriously into consideration the security aspect of our business.

Collective & Artificial Intelligence (CAI). Collective intelligence eliminates the various intermediaries and builds successful applications and networks.

AIBit – a New Technology Startup Company – believes that through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence infused with Blockchain Technology, the level of business efficiency and security is brought to new heights of the future application deployments. AIBit embraces technologies and apply them by targeting the specific interconnected industries in which founders are already in, including Construction; Real Estate Development, Engineering (3D Printing, Robots/Drones/Automation), Transportation (including Electric Vehicles), and New Energy; and Disruptive Industries, including Fintech, Big Data, Cyber Security, and 5G integration.  


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