Fairly Applying Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology

ESSSTM App – Employees & Subcontractor Supervision & Safety Application

Enhancing safety of human workers in construction sites using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is starting to gain prominence among most large construction firms. Construction safety is the number one priority across all jobsites. By applying technology AIBit can go a long way in addressing the safety risks and inefficiencies on construction sites which are generally considered one of the more dangerous workplaces settings due to the presence of heavy equipment and uneven terrain.

ESSS App is using machine learning for pattern recognition and machine vision for image recognition. With data-gathering cameras on heavy equipment and drone-based terrain visualization for the jobsite and its technology, ESSS App will enable operators to make informed decisions based on higher awareness levels about their surroundings and also help monitor workers and construction equipment towards improving efficiency.

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