Smart MicroFactory

Smart MicroFactory of the Future, based on AI and Blockchain Technology

AIBit’s Smart Micro Factory

AIBi’s Team has developed a new technology to bring automated AI/ML/BT-based 3D printing to the factory floor. AIBIT’s Smart MicroFactory as a Service (SMaaS), based on AI/ML/IoT and Blockchain Technology, enables Autonomous Micro Factories, which include:
– Robotics and 3D Printing (DesignVAST and RoboVAST 3D Printers for construction, architecture and transportation)
– Smart Devices (SPERA – Subtle Pulse Electro-Biological Recovery Apparatus, and DaLider – From Employee to Leader)

Micro Factory as a Service

We work with innovative businesses to give them access to the world’s most advanced technology, by offering them the micro factory of the future as a service.

With an annual subscription to our Autonomous Large Scale 3D printers, our clients will get unlimited access to use 3D Printing technology to produce their designs at their own facilities (big and medium size factories or micro factories).

We also help businesses to set up their manufacturing environment, give initial training and provide technical support throughout the subscription period, so that their factories can be transformed in Smart Factories by using new technologies.