Smart MicroFactory of the Future, based on AI and Blockchain Technology

SmartREIT for Investors

Our partner Austrocasa International was created to disrupt the real estate industry by rethinking it and providing a new solution to the way in which (1) home building, (2) home selling, and (3) borrower financing are approached. How?

By taking control of the real estate process from beginning to end, including the selection, construction, sales, borrower financing, and maintenance of company’s custom homes. This enables SmartREIT to achieve efficiencies in scope and scale, resulting in higher profits that will be shared with SREIT security token shareholders, and with BTL utility token holders.

We provide better buyer financing arrangements and deliver a more positive borrowing experience to the residential buyer, minimizing collection inefficiencies such as cumbersome collection costs, and drawn out legal disputes.

Through Smart Real Estate Investment Trust (SmartREIT), one of the branded product of AIBit we target revenues of at least 1 billion Є. AIBit shareholders will have outstanding shares in the future SmartREIT Property Management Company.

SmartREIT Fair Loans

Our Partner’s Austrocasa International Srl residential development projects represent the next step toward efforts to push SREIT into the mainstream.

SmartREIT Fair Loan is a 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage that is fairly priced. Your first payment will be the same as your last payment. No adjustable rate mortgages, no balloons and no tricks involving default interest rates where we get to kick you when you are down.

SmartREIT effectively cuts out the risk that time holds over the borrower’s head. Instead of submitting our client (homebuyers) to the stick of a prepayment penalty and performance failure, SmartREIT has incentivized its client with a guaranteed buyback so long as they have performed as scheduled. Traditional model implies late charges, default interest, prepayment penalties, negative credit score, and foreclosure.

SmartREIT Model offers the revolutionary loan to homebuyers, and its distinct features are:

  • No credit scores
  • Asset verification rather than income verification
  • 30-year no-nonsense fixed rate mortgage payment
  • Guaranteed buy-back program at two thirds of the original price
  • 25% down payment

SmartREIT Loans are offered in the following currencies: -EUR, USD, LEU, BTC, ETH, and theBitleu [BTL] utility coin, with a discount of 3%.