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Subtle Pulse Electro-Biological Recovery Apparatus

Spera SPERA currently contains 7-day treatment prescriptions and relief for:
– poly-drug detoxification;
– chronic pain;
– allergies;
– nicotine and alcohol detoxification;
– eating disorders;
– post-traumatic stress;
– panic attacks.

We are testing now our generic apparatus, will publish our conclusions and make our pulse-parameters openly available to other researchers. We will then scale up clinical trials to develop national projects for designing standard treatment systems for drug detoxification and the relief of chronic ailments.

Resources from marketed single treatment instruments would be devoted to reopening scientific exploration of unfinished applications. It is proposed to conduct future research and development in a world-class British University with all our efforts devoted to greatly increase the scale and scope of subtle-pulse technologies for beneficiaries, practitioners and scientists.

For better performance and to improve patient care, in the next month, we will apply artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to SPERA device.


– SPERA stands for Subtle Pulse Electro-biological Recovery Apparatus
– SPERA stimulates the precise frequencies required for restoration of normal neurochemistry
– SPERA promises rapid recovery from a broad range of complex brain-related health deficits
– SPERA is unique in its non-invasive measurable relief of acute and chronic conditions
– SPERA is an elegant and easy to use treatment breakthrough with no negative side-effects
– SPERA provides relief from pain, insomnia, traumatic stress, and eating disorders
– SPERA delivers safe drug detoxification with high levels of recovery at modest cost
– SPERA combines applied scientific research, with advanced computer electronics and technologies (AI/ML)
– SPERA enables individualized prescription programming for previously untreatable suffering
– SPERA is highly innovative in all aspects of its technical, clinical and ethical development.
– SPERA opens the pathway for researchers, practitioners, and patients in search of Hope.

Dr. Graham Giles MBE